How can we, based on dry facts, write good personal stories?

25/10/2019@2:00 pm-3:00 pm Europe/Oslo Tidssone
ExCeL London
How can we, based on dry facts, write good personal stories? @ ExCeL London
As genealogists, we gather facts, but how can we take our findings and turn them into an interesting personal story? Where should you start? Have you written what you remember from childhood and adolescence? Or what your parents or grandparents told you about their life? The attendee will learn how to distinguish between fiction and creative non-fiction writing and how to use the facts they have collected to write a good story. Learn how your childhood memory images stored in one’s brain can yield stories with a personal flavor, and how technology can aid you to recreate a room or a home and bring those memories to light. You will also learn how to organize the background material using spreadsheets or databases to register the material you wish to include. We will also look into how to use a mind map to sort different parts of a manuscript and make connections between people, events or relatives. Lastly, learn about software to help you in the writing process.
Room:Room 13
Session Number:RT6524