A Taste of Norwegian Ancestry

A Taste of Norwegian AncestryKindle Version – is a brief history of Norwegian Emigration to the United States, including a guide to Norwegian Genealogy. Buy the Kindle-book at Amazon.com today!. The e-book is a compilation of excerpts from Liv Marit’s book, Norwegian Ancestry, soon to be published in English. This Kindle version will give you some historical background in Norwegian immigration to the United States and on the settlements established there. Included are also tips, tools and websites that will help you begin your own search for your Norwegian heritage and ancestry.

A Taste of Norwegian Ancestry er en liten bok om norsk slektsgransking på engelsk. Denne finnes som e-bok. Tips gjerne norsk-amerikanere om boka, da denne gir en liten innføring i norsk slektsgransking. Du kan laste ned en egen gratis app fra Amazon.com for å lese boka.

Liv Marit Haakenstad (Author), Blaine Hedberg (Editor) and Tynlee P. Roberts (Translator).